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i know that this question might have been asked before (as it usually has in metal forums...) but i'll still ask... how do i learn to growl?

I know that i have to make the sound come from my stumach and not the throat but i don't really know how to do this. all my life i've been able to laugh from my stumach but i just can't do anything but that. so i guess i have an idea about how it should feel.

what i'm asking for is mainly links to sites and online videos (and the like) that can help me. Or should i just turn up the volume on my stereo and just try and try and try?

I read other forums about this but i didn't really get anything out of it except that the sound should come from the stumach and that i cannot learn to growl silently. and then the forums usually ends up with "who's the best growler".... and i don't need to know who other ppl think is the best growler.... i'd like to know if there are any techniques or something that i can learn/get to know about by reading/listening to something on the internet...

I don't know if it's totally clear what i want? but in short:
-i want to learn to growl
-i would like it if i could get some links to good sites about this
-other forums i read are not focused enough for me (so i hope this one will be)
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