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URN (U.S.) Enters Studio to Begin Work on New Album

The Chicago-based gothic-metal band URN entered the world renowned studios of the Chicago Recording Company this past weekend beginning work on their new upcoming full-length “Scribings of a Forgotten Soul”, scheduled for an early 2009 release with Rotting Corpse Records.

The band once again has joined forces with the producer/engineering team of Dan Precision (Rise Against, Naked Raygun) and Connie Bergmann whom they also collaborated with on their successful and critically-acclaimed 2006 release “Dancing with the Demigods”.

Singer/Guitarist Dominic St. Charles gave insight on the band’s new album which will be a concept album based on a true story of several individuals that were in his life that were directly involved in a prison riot at state correctional facility in a nearby town from where he attended high school.

“Think of it as a “Law & Order” approach to the story we are telling here. Of course, all of the characters are completely fictitious and do not represent any person living or dead. It was a major event that shook my community at the time and my best friend’s father was the night shift supervisor. So a couple of months before it happened he took a group of me and my friends on tour of the prison at 2:30 a.m. (we thought it would be interesting to do). The experience of seeing all that was going on from the inside from many perspectives, the prisoners, the guards, etc., ended up being highly enlightening for me. So when the riot broke out it was hitting very close to home and I had been doing a good bit of writing at the time and decided to chronicle these events. So in essence, that is what this album is about a fictional depiction of this event.”

URN also announced that their good friend Jape Peratalo, lead singer for To/Die/For, will be doing a guest vocal for this new album and the band is also in talks with a couple of their other musical friends to possibly lend the talents for guest appearances as well. More on these details will be released upon their confirmation.

For more information you can visit the band’s flagship website at or these other websites as well:

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